Mallorca on the whole is full of beautiful places to take your dog for a walk in and in this section I will include some of them. I’m starting with some “Local walks” that you can do in the area of Calvia (south west); which is the biggest tourist area on the island. 

If you are here during the hot summer months or if you are living/staying in Mallorca for a longer time you may not want to go, daily, for a long walk-drive somewhere away from where you are staying so then these local walks will come in handy. Another good thing with these walks is that you really can get the chance to interact with the local people and their pets, and that way you may even add a new friend or two!  

Hopefully you and your dog will enjoy these walks and the people and their dogs that you will meet! Do youknow of a good urban walk to share with us all?? If you do please use our contact form and we will get back to you immediately for details and photos.


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