Puig de sa Morisca –archaeological park

Directions: If you come from the motorway you take the turn off in to Santa Ponsa and when you come in to the very first roundabout, turn left and keep on driving to you come to a second roundabout, there you go straight through and up the hill where you will come to a third roundabout, turn left and you will see parking spaces on the left and right hand side, park there. The park is on the left hand side (after the school).

Puig de sa Morisca is an archaeological park and at the entrance of the park you can read some information about it and as you walk further in and follow the signs you will find the places that are indicated for these special sites.
                                                                                                                                                                                              The park is pretty big and you can choose different ways to go for a walk, there are some indications but you can try out and walk around it as you want, it should be simple enough; the area is not that big. You can also choose when you come in to the park, walk a bit to the right, to follow the path straight up, if you do that you have the choice to walk up a smaller mountain. It is not far to the top and I can promise you that once you are up there you will have beautiful views over Santa Ponsa and the area around.
You can spend as much time as you want in the park but to give you an indication of how long it would take to go for a walk in there, you can easily do one for 30-60 minutes.

The park is excellent for the dogs since there is no traffic around -so get in there and enjoy!

Note: Please pick up after your dog if it makes its toilet outside or close to the entrance but once you are inside the park no need to pick it up. HOWEVER if your dog decides to sit down on the path, please push it away with a stick, (no shortages of those!) it only takes a minute…Thank you.

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