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Smudge - Hairy Biker!

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'Hairy Biker': Smudge the dog!
The real 'Hairy Biker': Smudge the dog rides 11,000 miles around Europe ... on the back of a Tiger

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:18 AM on 28th June 2010

Any biker will tell you there's nothing like the thrill of the wind rushing through your fur on the open road.

While your average Jack Russell is more at home with walkies, Smudge has taken to motorbikes like a real road dog.

The three-year-old terrier has clocked up more than 11,000 miles biking around Europe by riding side-saddle with her owner Rob Fuller on his Triumph Tiger.
Smudge and Rob Fuller


Dogs save lives!

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Dogs save life of owner who slipped and broke his neck while out walking them

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:56 PM on 28th September 2009

A man who slipped and broke his neck while walking his dogs was kept alive overnight after his two pets cuddled up to him to keep him warm.  

Father-of-two Michael Dyer, 66, fell down a 30ft slope at a remote beauty spot as he exercised Jack Russells, Mickey, three and Boz, five.

He fractured an elbow and broke his neck in the fall and lay unconscious in temperatures as low as 7C (44F).


Saving the dogs in Afghanistan

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The Marine who saved the dogs of war!


By Val Hennessy
Last updated at 6:47 PM on 13th February 2009

One shivering, starving mongrel changed Pen Farthing's life. As a Royal Marine, serving in Afghanistan at a remote desert outpost in Helmand Province, he was horrified by the number of abandoned dogs and by the vile, organised dog fights.


Skills dogs evolve!

News Articles

Dogs have evolved 'face reading' skills to detect if their owner is happy or sad

By David Derbyshire
Last updated at 12:09 AM on 30th October 2008 from The Daily Mail

Mood readers: Dogs have evolved to interpret humans moods

Mood readers: Dogs have evolved to interpret human moods

It will come as no surprise to dog lovers, but man's best friend is remarkably good at detecting our moods.

A study has shown that dogs look for signs of anger, irritation or happiness in faces in exactly the same way that people do.


Dogs Detect Prostrate Cancer

News Articles

How dogs could be used to detect prostate cancer

By Pat Hagan
Last updated at 1:14 AM on 5th June 2010 taken from The Daily Mail

Dogs can raise the alarm over prostate cancer through their incredible sense of smell. Scientists found dogs can tell which men have the disease just by sniffing samples of their urine.

They can pick up on a chemical made in cancerous cells thanks to a sense 100,000 times more powerful than a human's.

Using dogs or developing an ' electronic nose' that can do the job could be more accurate than existing techniques for detecting tumours, the researchers believe.

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