Calvia Son Font

NOTE: Warning, it is possible that this path has been closed off! 

Directions: If you come from the motorway you take the turn off ”Palma Nova-Calvia” and in the first roundabout you reach, turn left and follow the road all the way up to the village of Calvia.

When you have passed the petrol station, on your left, you are just about to enter the village. Continue pass the traffic lights and when you come to the top of the street turn left (you can only drive left or right). Then take the first little road to the right, follow that road all the way up and then follow the road to the right, pass all the houses and you will see when you have entered the wooded area of Sont Font.

After you passed “the last” house on the right, shortly after you will see an entrance in to the woods on the left hand side, see pictures below. There is no car parking space there so park wherever you find a spot.

Start walking up the road and when you come up, and see that the ground is more flatten and that you either go to the left or right, you turn left. (On the right hand side is a green, in the winter, area which is great to sit down and have a pick nick in.)  Walk up the little path, which will take you all the way up to the top, to the tower. You will have great views from there; you will see the coastline which includes Magaluf and villages around. The walk up to the tower takes about 20-30 minutes.

The area is perfect and calm, with no distractions of cars and not much other disturbances for the dogs, so they can run around and play happily. (It could be the owners of the land may take sheep up there but I have never seen any.) Whether you decide just to go for a walk or to do a combined pick nick when you go there I’m sure you will like it!

Note: You are in wooded area so you don’t need to worry about having plastic bag to pick up your dogs toilet. However if it happens that your dog decides to do its toilet right on the path that you, and we all, are walking on then please clean it up. It is as simple as picking up a stick and pushing it aside, it only takes a minute, and it leaves it all nice and clean for the next person to walk by without needing to watch out where to put down the feet. And of course whatever you bring with you please bring it back with you, THANK YOU!       

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