Son Ferrer-Merendero

Directions: If you come from the motorway you take the turn off indicating “Magaluf –El Toro,” follow the road towards El Toro, when you come to the roundabout with the number 9 on it, you have arrived at the first round about (out of the 3) in Son Ferrer. Pass number 9 and the next one and on the 3rd you turn right and straight away on the left hand side you will see the park, Merendero. There are parking spaces right outside the park.

When you are here you got the choice of two different local walks, the park or to follow the “paseo” (walk path) down to the next village, El Toro; read more in “Calvia-Son Ferrer-El Toro”

Merendero, when you first come in to the park you will find a play ground for children, on the left and right hand side, there is a place were you can play some basket ball and you will also find a group of wooded tables were you can sit down and have a pick nick or just take a rest when you are out walking.
It is forbidden to have the dogs loose around the play ground area, however all the families who comes around with their children and dogs brings them and have them loose…but it is forbidden so it is on your own risk you let them off there. When you walk further in to the park there is this wooded area which is great to take your dog for a walk in. The park is set up in a smaller circle, which extends in to a bigger one. It takes about 15 minutes to do the smaller one and if you take the bigger one (you can also walk around it like a figure 8) it takes only 5 minutes more so 20 minutes in total. But of course you can walk around the circle as many times as you want! The area is lovely, very green and full of flowers (especially winter time) and quiet and nice, except from the birds singing! The neighbouring land is the Santa Ponsa Golf club, beautiful views all around. The Merendero park is excellent for the dogs since there is no traffic around but whatever walk you prefer, El Toro or the park, I hope you will enjoy it!

Note: Please pick up after your dog if it makes its toilet inside the park, before you come in to the wooded area, but ones you get in there you don’t need to worry about picking it up. HOWEVER if your dog decides to sit down on the path, please push it away with a stick, (no shortages of those!) it only takes a minute…Thank you.

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