Cala Cap Falco

Cala Cap Falco

Directions: If you drive on the motorway you take the turn off saying “Magaluf, El Toro”, drive past the Agua park and the Go carting (both on the right hand side), heading towards Magaluf, and when you come to the roundabout were you can see “Pirates” (on the left hand side) you turn right, follow that road all the way round and “up” to a conjunction were you turn right, heading towards the Casino (however you do not go that far). You pass an urbanisation of villas on the left hand side and shortly after that you will find a stony road to the left, follow that road all the way down and then further on you can either go straight or right, turn right and follow that road down and you have arrived to the lovely Cala Cap Falco.

It’s great to be on this beach during the winter period (around 15th October to 30th March) because it is empty most of the time (except from the weekends when you can find some local people enjoying a pick nick/barbeque) and the dogs can play freely in the pile of seaweed that has accumulated on the beach, great fun for them.
During the summer there is a bar on the beach and you can hire sun beds, however dogs are not allowed. Sometimes the bar offers music in the evenings and you are allowed to bring your dog with you, but on the lead, and you can chill out with a drink and enjoy the nice atmosphere.  

Note: Please drive slowly down the stony road as you may find loose dogs coming out of a bush! :-) And also please make sure your dog have had its chance to do its toilet BEFORE you go on the beach but even so; don't forget to bring a plastic bag if your dog still happens to do its toilet there. And of course we are all very happy to find the beach clean of any rubbish so whatever you bring with you please take it back with you. THANK YOU!! 
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