In Calvià municipality, southwest of Mallorca, you will find the incredible amount of 34 beaches with a coastline that stretches over 54 km. This area also has the second largest (after Palma) number of officially registered dogs. The official figure for 2012  reached 14.447 but it is well known that there are many unregistered dogs all over the island so the amount could easily exceed more than 20.000.

With this huge number of beaches and dogs it is hard to believe that the town hall has still not modified the law and allowed dog owners to have access to beaches and coves all year round. Even allowing for less beach access during the high season, with this amount of beaches it must be possible.

Dogs were actually allowed on all beaches during the winter season, (from October to April) up to  2006 but by the end of 2006 a new law came into effect and, by 2007,  had been implemented. Suddenly dogs on beaches (all coastal areas), was history, they banned them all year round.

The reasoning behind this is anyone's guess, but G4D believes was due to lack of interest and their perception of dogs. They were unable to take into account  the deep love and connection people have with their pets and their needs. Unfortunately whatever the reason, until changes are made the town council is showing a clear lack of respect for this large group of dog owners living in the area.

Hopefully there will be changes soon but until then, remember, it is officially illegal to bring your dogs to any beach.   So it is at your own risk to take them on a beach and could incur a hefty fine. Of course some rules are just not made with common sense... So until further, more positive, news is brought to you please watch out if you are walking your dog/dogs on the beaches.

On your right hand side in the Beach and Coves menu under Calvia you will find a selection of a some of the  beaches and coves that are good options for taking your dogs to. And below you will find the link to the official Balearic government’s website for all the beaches (not included some of the smaller coves) located in Mallorca and the rest of theislands.

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